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Our nose is sometimes the most prominent feature on our faces, helping to create a balanced look. Many times, our nose can cause us unhappiness if it is too large, too small, too flat, too wide, too tall, or has a large bump or harsh angle. Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nasal surgery, is the surgical procedure used to reshape the nose. It is agreed across the industry that Rhinoplasty can often times be one of the most difficult surgical cosmetic procedures to perform.


Dr. John Park’s approach to this procedure is to view it as series of tiny, calculated maneuvers that require an artistic eye, as well as precise skill, to not only achieve the change you want in your nose, but also to not affect the primary function of the nose, which is breathing.

Rhinoplasty Surgery and Recovery

Incisions can be made on the inside of the nose and at the very end of the nose between the nostrils. Like most surgical procedures, Rhinoplasty is not a standard procedure that is the same for all patients. This very well may be one of the most varied procedures cosmetic surgeons perform since the skin, bone structure, other facial features and current nose shape all play a part in the process.


Dr. John Park will examine your external and internal nasal anatomy in proportion to your face, listen to your concerns, and to develop a surgical plan that is right for you. Recovery time from the actual surgery is usually about 7 days. Depending on your procedure, you may or may not have a splint that will be removed at that time.

Rhinoplasty Consultation

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